Naskan Uxwal (I’m Going Home) Journey

Project Backround

The Naskan Uxwal (I’m going Home) was a 9 month project leading up to a 5-day walk and healing Journey to the members of the St’at’imc Nation and the attendees of the Kamloops Indian Residential School (KIRS). The Journey Started in Kamloops BC, and carried out lasting over 200km, stopping at majority of the St’at’imc communities, each having its own ceremonial acknowledgment. Having suffered years of impacts from the Residential Schools, the project was about bringing the St’at’imc people home, who have felt they’ve left apart of them at the schools.


Pat’s role was to be head of communications. His job was to take direction from the steering committee and to not only create awareness of the walk, but also to engage members of the Nation to participate. Some of the duties including logo/brand development,┬ásocial media promotion, website development, designing posters, contacting news reporters, content creation, and ongoing communication.


With 11 communities and close to 7000 members of the St’at’imc members, the healing journey was a great success, receiving many newspaper publications . Several members of each community came out to support their community and family members.